13 January 2010

Joan's truancy program

Rutledge Ave., Charleston, S.C.

I love the gracefulness of Weeping Willow trees. We do still have green in Charleston even though it's been so cold. My plants have been covered and wrapped for over a week now. The poor sad hibiscus were tucked still blooming inside my good pillowcases before the freeze and I haven't been brave enough to check for signs of life.

What a fun evening I've had. I posted a sign at work saying that I was skipping out early to go to see Avatar at the 3D IMAX at Citadel Mall and invited anyone to join me. We felt like kids skipping out of school and sixteen of us sat in almost the back row with our 3D glasses on to see this movie we'd heard so much about. I figure if enough of my volunteers join me I can call it a "morale boosting event" right? ;)

I'd warned the folks at Sesame that I "knew people" and had been boasting about their Blues Grilled Corn on the Cob. We pushed their little tables together after the movie and had a great time. I work with a great bunch of folks, I do.

G'night kids. I have a meeting with a group of Eucharistic Ministers in the morning and need to be on my most gracious behavior for these lovely people who visit our patients. Word is out that I ticked off a nun enough to make her hang up on me yesterday. Ouch.