16 January 2010

Clean Water for Haiti

Water Missions International, Charleston, S.C.

This is the warehouse on Savannah Highway where volunteers put together the units being shipped to Haiti for water purification. Water Missions International is being featured regularly on CNN and I am proud to say is based here in Charleston.

Link for Online Donations

The hospital I work for, Roper St. Francis Healthcare called WMI yesterday offering a corporate donation of $15,000. People kept bringing me checks and handing me dollar bills yesterday so I have extra to add. We are familiar with this organization because we funded a water purification system for a little hospital in Kenya last year and feel they are a good and honorable group. It's such a sensible solution to me - the units can turn mud into pure clean water.

Thanks to Waldo, The Cotton Boll Conspiracy, Kittens on the Keyboard and Beach Bum for spreading the word. (Picture me blowing kisses!)

Not everyone can make a donation these days, but if you live locally I suspect they could use extra volunteer hands as they deal with this disaster.