14 December 2009

Monday Hodgepodge

Charleston, S.C.

Matt Larson from Toy Camera Play made a weekend trip to Charleston and covered some familiar territory.

Uhoh. End of the year is in sight and I haven't accomplished all of my 2009 resolutions. I'm going to have to do some cramming.

To do list for 2009 included:
  • Con unsuspecting third world university into awarding me an honorary degree.
  • Learn to play one song well on the harmonica.

Santacon looks like so much fun! I do have a Santa costume in my closet at work...along with an Indian headdress, fifteen blond wigs, handcuffs and chain mail. Do I have your attention?

Amplesanity has the best daily quotes. I just discovered she has them all listed. They should be doled out like little treats. Here is one for this evening:
"Sex is one of the nine reasons for reincarnation. The other eight are unimportant." Henry Miller

Hey, hey! I'm not the only one who likes sidewalk graffiti. Check out this article.

Canadians are just as wacky about butter tarts as southerners are about BBQ sauce and I made a batch this evening with maple syrup instead of corn syrup. I haven't tried them yet but it feels wrong, wrong, wrong. I'll need check in with the Canadian Embassy. I could stand to lose my dual citizenship. Maple syrup is Canadian but I may be considered a traitor for messing with butter tarts.

G'night kids. I am off to taste test a maple butter tart. Don't stay up too late.