23 November 2009

Rockin' Charleston Car & Truck Show

Adams Run, S.C.

Clearly I am not online at home yet. Aaaargh! Picture me pulling out clumps of hair. The latest word from Comcast is that it sounds like an "outside" problem. Naturally I need to dedicate tomorrow afternoon to be home waiting for a technician. Forgive me for not getting around to comment an all your blogs. I brought my lap top to work so I could do some personal business during lunch time.

My friend Mary and her husband sponsored the 2nd Annual Rockin' Charleston Car & Truck Show on Saturday. They have a nice piece of property in Adams Run with a fishing pond. Wow. I was completely amazed at what they pulled off - over 140 registered cars, a band, kids fishing, BBQ, boiled peanuts. It was a grand success. Since she arranges for profits to be donated to the American Heart Association I went out to take some pictures for her and had such a good time.

Anyone can offer an award for a vehicle category so keep it in mind for next year. Offer to make up a plaque and you too can sponsor an award. I may make up the Charleston Daily Photo Most Photogenic Car Award for the next event.

Back to work, kids. Y'all behave while I am in exile.