20 November 2009

Bollywood South, Y'all

Darkness to Light Gala, Marion Square, Charleston, S.C.

I still have no internet access at home. I'm getting shaky and having withdrawal symptoms. Isn't there a rehab camp for people like me? Comcast suggests again that it might be working when I get home today but I'll believe that when I see it.

Meanwhile, a few pictures from the Circle of Light gala. Marion Square was transformed into a beautiful setting last night. The theme was Bollywood and they went all out with dancers, rickshaws and camels. It was quite an amazing production. This time I lucked out and had actual Indians at my table and Chef Sean Brock whipped up a great dinner behind the curtain for us.

A few more photos here.

Darkness to Light
Over the past seven years, the Circle of Light Gala has raised over 2 million dollars towards Darkness to Light's mission. This national nonprofit organization educates adults to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. They are now serving communities in 48 states and 9 countries.