24 November 2009

Bad, Bad Antiques

Hwy 17 South, S.C.

Bad, bad Antiques. Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

This is another one of those buildings I've passed a hundred times and finally got around to pulling over and getting a picture.

Soooo........I am back online after being in exile for a week. A week! All the old hobbies and crafts I used to do (baking, quilting and painting, oh my!) flashed through my brain. I've read three books, cleaned the frig, tossed bags of old papers and walked for miles.

Each day I did some trouble shooting and then did live chat with Comcast from work. Each day they told me some other silly thing to try and promised it would be working when I got home. I bypassed the router. I exchanged the modem.

Naturally, as it is each time in my experience, the problem was caused by Comcast and there was nothing I could have done about it. In routine maintenance they went down my street, put a filter on and waited for people to bitch about having a problem with their service. Unfortunately when I did bitch they kept suggesting it was my fault. Grrrrrr. Makes me insane to think about it but I am very happy to be back online and looking forward to catching up everyone.