30 November 2009

100,000 hits and rolling

White Point Gardens, Charleston, S.C.

The hit counter rolled over to 100,000 this morning. It was a sweet moment since it was at this time last year when my earlier and long term blog Walk this Way died and I had to start over from scratch. Sob.

It was stunning to have entries I had done for over four years disappear. Thousands of subscribers to the Journalspace blog platform woke up to find our online community gone. We were homeless blog refugees looking for new homes.

I took over the inactive Charleston Daily Photo site and spent my Christmas holiday last year designing the new layout.

It has worked well for the most part. People are clear that it is about Charleston and that attracts everyone who loves the lowcountry, folks who miss it or hope to visit. Some come to visit because of the blog. I do miss using all the pictures of my travels and telling adventure stories about growing up. If it isn't from Charleston I feel like I am sneaking it in here. One cranky commenter fusses if I talk about myself too much or include content that isn't local. Heh.

My audience used to be quite international but I am more recognizable locally now. It's startling but fun. A lady (hi Connie!) waved to me from her wheelchair in the hospital this morning and told me she was a fan. That is incredibly delightful.

I've given two talks about blogging this year, won the City Paper's Best Local Interest Blog award and been interviewed by Channel 2 about photo storage earlier this year. I met terrific people, get so many wonderful emails from people from all over the world and it's been nice to steer traffic to worthwhile sites and projects. I feel very fortunate.

Thank you all for making this fun! Luckily I live in a city that has something worth taking a picture of every time I walk out the door. Onward!