27 October 2009

The Spy Who Loved Him

Charleston, S.C.

I walked the Battery loop on the weekend and was nagged by a vague memory of a story of JFK having an affair with a spy in the Fort Sumter Hotel. I googled around to see if there was any truth to it and found this piece by Mike Sigalis:

JFK And The Spy Who....Loved Him
FBI files released in 1998 revealed that in 1942, when John F. Kennedy was a 24 year old naval lieutenant working in the Atlantic fleets intelligence office at 29 east Battery, Charleston, he enjoyed two visits from tall, blonde Arvad Fejos, a former Miss Denmark. But Fejos was also a Nazi sympathizer with ties to Hitler, Goebels and Goering. Kennedy was of interest to the Nazis because of his father, Joseph Kennedy was the former ambassador to England.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's attorney general knew of Fejo's background and had sent the FBI on her case. When she rented a room at the Fort Sumter Hotel, the FBI promptly bugged it. Apparently, the lovers set the bug wires aglow with their passionate carryings on. In between, Kennedy was recorded spilling the beans to Fejos about his future military assignments.

Not that there was anything unusual about JFK having an affair. It seems he had as many affairs as George Washington ate lunches although the locations of the later are perhaps better recorded.

I had a nice dinner with my son for his birthday this evening at Basil. I'm on a Thai streak. Happy birthday kid! I love ya.