09 September 2009

Top 10 Sidewalk Graffiti Art Images in Charleston, SC

Wow! Wet Cement
Someone else delighted in it as much as I do!

I Spoke Your Name For Many Days
I loved this one. I imagined an abandoned lover grieving. A reader recognized it as a fragment of a Phish song.


I spoke your name for many days
Pronouncing it in several ways
And moving letters all around

And when you heard the end result
I told you it was not my fault

If you were here more of the day
It wouldn't twist around that way

Remember What You Saw, What You Heard
Message to the tourists?
Cumberland St., Charleston, SC

Don't Look Down On Me
If we hadn't, we wouldn't have seen it.
Vanderhorst St., Charleston, SC

Is This Legal?
They were probably talking about writing in cement but the cigarette in the picture added a new twist.
This one is across from the East Bay, Harris Teeter next to the liquor store.

I Love The Friends That We Have Gathered On This Thin Raft
This was an ambitious project on Pitt St. and has since been destroyed. Sob.
Pitt St., Charleston, SC

Some call it heavenly in its brilliance.
Others, mean and rueful of the Western dream.
I love the friends I have gathered together on this thin raft.
We have constructed pyramids in honor of our escaping.
This is the land where the Pharaoh died.
Jim Morrison, The Wasp

Thanks Uncle Willie
What did Uncle Willie do? Pay for the cement drive?
Elizabeth St., Charleston, SC

No Need to Stress If You Ship UPS
This is a cement graffiti masterpiece. Who loves a company enough to create this? Duncan St., Charleston, SC

Enjoy Being
Philosophy on Smith St.
Smith St., Charleston, SC

Love Is For All. You And Me
Wisdom found on Radcliffe
Radcliffe St., Charleston, SC

It was almost impossible to pick ten favorites. I keep finding new ones and odds are I've glanced down and found your name claiming a square of lowcountry sidewalk real estate.

What makes people write these things? Do they have something clever in mind ready to pounce when they spot wet cement? It isn't as easy as you would think. The cement must be at the right consistency and the artist quick and discreet. Not that I would know.

Charleston has clearly been home to a wealth of creative cement artists and philosophers. Thanks to all of you who have blogged the sidewalks in your cities, travels and sent me copies of pavement treasure finds.

It's not the end of course. I keep finding new ones to add to my collection. Meanwhile, walk on. Look down once and awhile!

The End.
East Bay St., Charleston, SC.


Lowell said...

These are absolutely fantastic. I would never have guessed you'd find so many scratchings in the concrete! What fun! I guess I'll have to look down more often!

Pixel Peeper said...

Joan - I love all of your sidewalk graffiti pictures! You are the one who got me started looking for cement art on my walks.

Anonymous said...

Of the ones shown, I vote for "Enjoy Being". I kind of like that philosophy.

Les @ atidewatergardener.blogspot.com

Charlestonjoan said...

Jacob - careful! It's addicting.

Pixel Peeper - cool! It is amazinf how much I have collected.

Les - I like it as well. I have it framed.

ZERO 2 COOL said...

QUALITY I really like this, it reminds me of a graffiti artist I saw at http://www.hire-a-graffiti-artist.co.uk their is a few more good graffiti artists on the site.