10 September 2009

Obesity on the Rise

King St., Charleston, S.C.

Yikes! This fella suddenly appeared next to the elevator in the parking building next the Francis Marion Hotel. Since I specifically walk so I won't look like this, I'll pass on my "you've been a good girl" little dish of post exercise ice cream this evening. I wonder if people take one look at him and decide to take the stairs instead of the elevator?

Reality was like a smack in the face today. Knew it would be. Always is. Notes, piles of paper crammed under my door, voice mail, email. If one more person said, "I came to see you but YOU weren't here..." I might have wept. As always it takes a week or two to catch up after a vacation.

But, I was filmed for a commercial spot today for our health system today. Heheh. This should be funny. I had one line which was filmed over and over and was presented with an attractive gentleman to play my husband. Once the caterer loaned me her sparkly new wedding ring we were all set. My tv husband had a rash on his arm I had to look concerned about. When I heard what some of the other roles were I felt pretty fortunate to be "rash wife".

Can "rash wife" go on my resume?

Night folks. I need to get some sleep tonight.