26 September 2009

Lowcountry Heart Walk - 2009

Start! Lowcountry Heart Walk, Charleston, S.C.

It's been a full day, kids. After all the build up, today was the lowcountry heart walk. I am always relieved when I am responsible for taking a bunch of pictures to wake to overcast skies and today was perfect. We had adorable kids, dogs, parrots, gorillas and giant hearts. It was a colorful occasion!

The walk goes three miles along the waterfront and back. I usually take pictures of the walkers as they leave and then catch them on the way back, but this time I had arranged for a red '55 Chevy convertible to be the pace car and Bill Edwards from Harborview Exxon asked if I wanted to hop in. Coolness! I rode with him, his adorable grand daughters and the giant heart mascot waving and taking pictures. That is indeed the way to ride a walk. Too fun!

Roper St. Francis Healthcare raised $64,674.16 and had 743 signed up to participate. Clearly too many to fit in one group shot. Whew. I think I can call it a successful fundraiser.

Thank you, thank you to everyone who participated, especially all my team captains. Some of my happy gang ended up at the Buccaneer Restaurant for snacks after wards and enjoyed a well earned post walk party.

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