18 March 2018

Old Navy Base buildings

North Charleston, SC    
Yesterday's fundraising Walk for Water started at the Riverfront Park in North Charleston this year and led us through the old Navy Base. It is always a treat to see these buildings and to hear recent good news that more of them will be renovated.
Post & Courier: North Charleston City Council signed off on plans to hire an interior design firm to turn a 1898 white cottage in the historic district along the Cooper River into a bed and breakfast. A second bed and breakfast eventually will follow inside a neighboring 1905 home already under renovation. Every step toward completing these projects realizes Mayor Keith Summey's larger vision of turning that part of city into a commercial center where locals and tourists alike can enjoy riverfront views."I want this to be the new downtown of North Charleston," he said Thursday.The city is partnering with the Charleston Naval Complex Redevelopment Authority, where Sean McDonell works as an engineer. The views of the Cooper River are only part of the area's attraction, he said. "Everybody loves to see old homes being renovated," McDonell said. "And they all have some stories behind them." If all goes as planned, Summey said he hopes the area will become popular enough to attract water taxis."Our ultimate goal is to have Montague from 526 all the way to the river," Summey said. "And on the river, become downtown North Charleston."

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