03 May 2017

Through the window

East West on East Bay, Charleston, SC   
The model of a development project looked like it was floating in air when viewed through the window of East West Partners on East Bay St. From what I can tell they are the developers working on projects at Ansonborough Fields.


William Kendall said...

It's interesting to see models of buildings like this. You see details you can't see from the ground.

Anonymous said...

From the ground? What about what is under the ground-- Charleston needs an archeological ordinance to protect and discover the artifacts that have been buried. The irony of Charleston -come see the historic buildings of yesterday but today fails to protect what was once here to be discovered by trained archeologists. Where is the guiding hand of Historic Preservation where are the protests where are the historians saying George Washington slept here or XYZ happened here.? Occupy the Indiana Jones of Today. The tourist based economy is benefiting from the private citizen that paid for the rehab where is the GO FUND ME site or some big names lending help to call attention to this Huge Missed opportunity AN archeological protection ruke is in order now. #necessarysave Charleston Past Today