25 March 2017

Walk for Water - Charleston 2017

RSF River Rats Team, Walk for Water 2017, Charleston, SC 
I have a special interest in the work of Water Missions International because who can't get behind the idea of clean drinking water? We can prevent so many diseases if we have pure water to drink and although we take it for granted it is a daily struggle in so many parts of the world. Years ago the hospital I work with sponsored a water purification system for a small hospital and community in Kenya and I was able to go to photograph the commissioning ceremony and see first hand the difference it made.

Each year I try to support the Walk for Water here in Charleston. Symbolically water buckets are provided which are filled with water halfway through the walk. Many thanks to Lauren Smith for leading our team efforts for Roper St. Francis Healthcare and to all of our teammates who walked this morning. They said over 5,000 people participated and the traffic fiasco led me to believe that was true! Well done folks!

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William Kendall said...

A good way to make a difference- one community at a time.