15 February 2017

Wragg Square

Wragg Square, Charleston, SC  
Not a bad scene for mid February in Charleston. I took this shot on the weekend when it was bright and sunny unlike today with it's windy and dreary weather.

I started my day with brunch at the Marina Variety Store restaurant at a brunch honoring a group of volunteers. You really can't beat it for a full plate of food at a reasonable price overlooking the water, can you?

The news on the street in Charleston this evening is that Boeing employees voted today not to unionize and the fact that President Trump will be paying a visit to Boeing on Friday for the unveiling of the new 787-10 jet. Are we ready for this, Charleston?

I was pleased to see that a couple of my volunteers made the Post & Courier in a photo from Valentine's Day. Fun!


William Kendall said...

Very quiet there when you took the shot!

Catalyst said...

The weather is nice here, too, but rain is moving in on the weekend. Or so say the Weather Gods.