18 January 2017

A cheery top hat

Spring & St. Philip St., Charleston, SC  
I smile in anticipation and look up when I pass this cheery red roof top on the house on the corner of St. Philip and Spring St. Who lives in that room? Can I come visit?

In other news, I bought an Instant Pot pressure cooker in a black Friday sale after winning a $100 Amazon gift certificate in a webinar. When I joined the Instant Pot facebook group of over 300,000 members talking about their successes and failures it was so overwhelming I didn't open the box for three weeks. I decided I needed to either return it or break into it so last night I invited a couple of friends over for an entire pressure cooked meal (except for the salad) capping it off with a pressure cooker cheesecake. Yep. It is smaller than it looks - just 6 inch round but it sure was creamy and delicious. Does this make me a cult member?


Anonymous said...

I want so badly to use a pressure cooker! However, after blowing up a pressure canner in 10th grade... it left me a bit paranoid. Although, I don't think I've ever seen anyone laugh as uncontrollably as my Home Ec teacher did when she looked at the green beans driven whole into the ceiling tiles. She was a wonderful lady and a fine teacher (Mrs. Marbelle Phillips) who is remembered with respect and affection to this day.


Charlestonjoan said...

This is a modern version with a digital pad. It sautes, slow cooks, pressure cooks and serves as a rice cooker. My mother used a pressure cooker but I don't think I ever did anything with it other than being impressed with all the steam action and explosion potential. People are using this gadget for yogurt, steel cut oats etc. I probably don't need it since I live alone but I am having fun experimenting. My rice turned out well and I made black beans without pre-soaking them. We shall see!

William Kendall said...

A neat looking house!