17 December 2016

Model train display at Belmond Charleston Place Hotel

Belmond Charleston Place Hotel, Charleston, SC   
It never gets old and is a treat to see each year - the model train display under the grand chandelier in the lobby of the Belmond Charleston Place Hotel. The stairs on either side were full of parents lifting excited children to watch the trains roll by. Thank you Belmond Charleston Place!

Funny, until I looked it up for the link I had been calling it the Belmont with a "t". It took me years to stop calling it the Omni. I'll get there. 


Marcheline said...

Isn't it strange how a collection of miniature houses and things is turned into magic by a train that actually chugs around the track? When I was little, there was a restaurant that had a counter with stools, and it would bring you your hamburger on a train. SO exciting!

Catalyst said...

There's nothing like a good model train exhibit.

William Kendall said...

My cousin's husband would go crazy over seeing something like this. He loves model trains.