20 October 2016

Charleston Gardens

Charleston garden, Charleston, SC    
The older part of the peninsula with it's secret gardens, gates and quirkiness always makes for an enjoyable walk. One of the sad things about most new construction is how incredibly boring it is to walk past. In a car perhaps it isn't so obvious but on foot there doesn't seem to be much charm or difference to enjoy from the outside. These folks in the historic district had a lovely formal garden although I did take the shot before our recent wind storm.

Speaking of storms it breaks my heart to walk below my neighborhood West Ashley and see homes that had just recovered from the floods last October torn apart again. I know at least four people who had repeat floods. Two of them are from the Shadowmoss development and one of the ladies has flooded three times. What a sad mess.

My street seems to be mostly back together except for the giant piles of debris waiting to be picked up. I walked back at dusk this evening and almost tripped over a branch sticking out in the road. Ooops!

What movie shall I see tomorrow?