31 July 2016

Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance - Bishopville

Bishopville, SC 
This Sunday morning's Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance is a sweet chapel in Bishopville, SC. Truth is I don't know if it is still a chapel or used for other purposes. It caught my eye and I grabbed the shot but didn't see any sign although it appears to be maintained and in use. I wondered it is was a personal residence but it still has the crosses on the front which suggest it is still church property. There was a large church on the corner across the street so it may be a satellite building. Lovely little chapel.

Edit: According to the every helpful SCIway site, the Chapel used to be the St. Johns Catholic Church but has indeed been converted into a private residence.

I am sidetracked with a pulled back muscle this weekend and walking like a cripple. Blah. Still got a decent walk in yesterday but slow start this morning. No housekeeping or gardening will be accomplished today and I am okay with that.

Stay cool kids!