09 July 2016


Cheers! To the hanging liquor bottles of Santee!
Yes, those are hanging bottles of alcohol. 

My friend Mary Beth Rose asked if I had been in the tiny liquor store in Santee and since I had not 
I had to fix that. I walked in and laughed out loud. The door barely opened a crack and when I 
got inside it was hard to walk the narrow aisles. Bottles where crammed in everywhere but the 
most unusual way to fit more in the small space was by hanging them from the ceiling. 
They were hung with fishing line in singles and in bunches. 
The place was so full, we had to be told to look for the cash register in "the little opening". 

There is nothing special about the outside. It is a regular little ABC Package store in the Citgo gas station plaza but I will grin a little when I dribble a bit of vodka in my Moscow mules from now on. Thanks for the tip Martha Rose!