10 June 2016

Charleston fixer-upper

Charleston, SC  
We haven't run out of fixer-uppers yet!

It's Friday, kids. A gentleman told me this afternoon that there were two things that Charlestonian's were never late for - a wake or a cocktail party. Sadly I had the first one, a funeral visitation to go to this evening. One of my our wonderful hospital volunteers passed away. She had nine children and they made the visitation easier for everyone by wearing name tags with their sibling rank clearly marked on it as did their children. They were identified by name and #1, 2, 3 etc. It was brilliant and made it much easier to introduce yourself to the family members. What a grand lady she was and my sympathy is with the large and loving family for their loss this week.

Have a good weekend. I believe I earned mine. My plants are watered, my new air-conditioner is humming along and Netflix and I have settled in for the evening.  My new show is 30 Degrees in February, a Swedish series based in Thailand.