28 May 2016

The Porgy Houses

42 Vanderhorst St., Charleston, SC  
 Dr. Alonzo McClennan House - built ca. 1840 – 1852
The Porgy Houses are a series of Charleston residencies that have been enhanced by West-African design motifs seen in the final act of the Festival’s Porgy and Bess. The featured homes have been chosen for their significance in African-American history. Each installation is site-specific and seeks to draw attention to their importance in the history of this city.
91 Spring St., Charleston, SC   
The DeCosta House - built ca. 1870s
218 St. Philip St., Charleston, SC  
Former Peoples Federation Bank - built ca. 1849

160 Spring St., Charleston, SC   
Thomas Mayhem Pinckney’s Last Residence - built ca. 1840s