30 May 2016

Porgy Houses tour continued.....

Philip Simmons House, 30 Blake St., Charleston, SC   
 I did part two of my tour of the decorated Porgy Houses (part one here) and thought I had them all but I realize I still need to get to 103 Church St. Some of these are in neighborhoods that are outside of my usual walking routes. Tonight is the night they were to live broadcast Porgy & Bess at Marion Square but the weather has been so unpredictable. I hope they are able to hold the event.  
The Porgy Houses are a series of Charleston residencies that have been enhanced by West-African design motifs seen in the final act of the Festival’s Porgy and Bess. The featured homes have been chosen for their significance in African-American history. Each installation is site-specific and seeks to draw attention to their importance in the history of this city.
Phili Simmons House, 30 Blake St., Charleston, SC   
 Philip Simmons Museum & House

30 & 30 ½ Blake Street
built ca. 1890s

193-199 Jackson St., Charleston, SC   
Jackson Street Cottages

193-199 Jackson Street
built ca. 1890

100 Queen St, Charleston, SC
 Home of Nathalie Dupree and Jack Bass

100 Queen St
built ca. 1870