11 April 2016

Bull St. gate

Bull St. gate, Charleston, SC   
I was determined to reduce my cable bill this year since it has been gradually increasing to a point that doesn't make sense for one person living alone. TV shouldn't be one of my highest monthly expenses. I called to cancel tv cable and was talked into stepping back to basic cable to reduce the bill. Now I have no idea what will be working when I turn my tv on. Sheeesh. I can't record anything or view any of my previously recorded shows but most cable channels still seem to show up for awhile. Then I get no signal. Then I do. I reckon I am in the punishment stage. Thanks Wow!

Today's feature is one of my favorite gates on Bull St. I squirm around trying to make the statue the centerpiece of the image.

Bedtime! Off you go. Turn the lights out. No more stories, no more water. Get to sleep kids.