21 February 2016

Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance - St. Stephen's Episcopal, Ridgeway, SC

St Stephen's Episcopal Church, Ridgeway, S.C.    
Here is your church photo in lieu of attendance for this weekend. I discovered this beautiful chapel while on a day trip to Ridgeway, SC and had to take a photo op break. Here is what wikipedia has to stay about it's history:

Stephen's Episcopal Church is an historic Episcopal church building located northeast of Ridgeway, South Carolina, on County Road 106. Built of wood in 1854 in the Carpenter Gothic style, it was designed by the Rev. John Dewitt McCollough, who later became its rector. The exterior was painted a maroon color. In 1920, its exterior wood was covered by brick veneer, so that it appears today as a brick Gothic Revival style building on the outside while the interior retains its Carpenter Gothic features. A wing was added in the 1940s to create space for a parish hall and Sunday school. St. Stephen's was founded in 1839 as a chapel of ease for St. John's Parish, Fairfield, and remained such until 1889 when it became a separate parish. Among its early rectors was the Rev. William Porcher DuBose, who served from 1865-1868.