17 October 2015

Big John's feeling blue

Big John's Tavern, East Bay St., Charleston, SC   
What?! In Charleston those paint swatches are usually samples for the Board of Architectural Review folks to drive by and approve or disapprove. Big John's has been billed as the oldest tavern in Charleston and has been orange as long as I can remember.

Charleston’s oldest and best dive "Big John’s Tavern" has been the last shabang for many local's entertaining nights in Charleston, SC. Lingerie strategically hanging around, Pabst, live tunes, and scandalously dressed women dancing on the bar and letting it all hang out, wrap this joint up. F&B/locals/Citadel cadets dig “Johnny Biggs” and you can bet you will to.  Bar food is available and ask about the many shots these talented bartenders and mixologists can concoct.  Owner/bartender/father/grand Marnier lover Chris Condon is a hell of a nice guy and will be more than helpful, along with his friendly bar staff, in meeting all of your alcohol "needs". Originally opened in 1954 by “Big John” Canady, an ex-New York Giants Linebacker, Big John's Tavern on East Bay street in Charleston, SC had a popular slogan that stuck...Come as a stranger and leave as a friend.  "Cheers"

Snooping (googling) around it appears that is never reopened after a fire earlier this year. Whatever will be there it looks like it will be blue.