26 May 2015

The last of the jasmine

Montagu St., Charleston, SC

I tried to buy some jasmine this weekend but everyone was out. Nothing to it but to walk with snippers and start my jasmine trimming service. No charge!

Traffic has been awful here after a tractor trailer overturned on the Cooper River Bridge. The bridges were closed for hours and the other options naturally got tangled up as well. It wasn't a bad day to live and work West of the Ashley. Wondering if the bridge is open or not? Thanks to Sean McCambridge you can check this site: Is the Cooper River Bridge Closed?

Two ladies who met online meet up to eat their way though Charleston. They covered a lot of bases! Well done. Read their photo laden blog here but don't read it hungry.

I was doing pretty well cutting back on sugar until I remembered someone had long ago given me a bottle of Godiva Chocolate liquor. Hello there! Sip, sip.

No jasmine but I spotted this new garden design on Ashley Avenue that will be fun to check back on.

Short week, kids! We can do it.