30 March 2015

Wisteria Hysteria

Wisteria, Charleston, S.C.
I do a wisteria post each year - click here for past wisteria hysteria. A beautiful blanket of lavender vines has been flung over the lowcountry.

I saw again our own sweet home
Half hidden 'mong the trees,
My parents, brothers, sisters and I,
As happy and busy as bees.

Around the door of the homestead,
The sweet Wisteria vines,
And on the old oak in the yard
The clinging ivy twines.
 Josephine Delphine Henderson Heard


Marcheline said...

Around here it's almost treated like a weed - it grows up trees by railroad tracks, and in hedges along the side of the road. I, however, have cultivated mine most carefully up and around my garden gazebo, and am fully convinced it's the only reason the gazebo is still standing. The large trunk of wisteria is propping up the sagging gazebo! Love, love, love wisteria! Ours won't bloom for another month or two yet, but it's lovely to see yours.

William Kendall said...

It is such a pretty colour to see.

Jack said...

I wince at the sight of wysteria. (Autocorrect wanted to replace it with hysteria, and I thought that might have worked, too.) My Connecticut neighbors have an overgrown hysteria trellis that self-seeds on my side of the property and that sends shoots up into the limbs of my trees.

Charlestonjoan said...

It is so pretty. I don't know how damaging it really is. Love driving the countryside at this time of year.

Charlestonjoan said...

It really is!

Charlestonjoan said...

Yep! It is probably more attractive from a distance.

Cotton Boll Conspiracy said...

Wysteria is always a sign, to me at least, that spring is around the corner. Its color bursts forth while the rest of the nature is still brown and drab. It's one of the prettiest sights of the year.