26 March 2015

Bag Pipers for the win!

Bag Pipers in the Meditation Garden at Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital, Charleston, S.C. 
This incredible scene happened because I bid on and won, an offer of "One Hour of Bag Piping for Your Event" at a fundraising silent auction. I didn't have an event lined up of course, but the piper said she had always wanted to play in the garden under the giant oak trees at the hospital. I lined that up and lemonade and cookies too!

What a great evening. Our pipe Karen McKerihan recruited help and they entertained us for an hour. How lucky am I? Pretty darned lucky. The neat thing is our pipers are an MD and a Nurse Practitioner. Very fitting for a hospital garden.


William Kendall said...

What a great setting to listen to the pipes in!

Marcheline said...

As the wife of a piper, I can imagine no lovelier sound! Great setting, too.

Charlestonjoan said...

William, it really was perfect!

Charlestonjoan said...

Oh, did I know Bear was a piper! If so, I forgot! Wow...lucky you!

chuckography said...

Now I REALLY feel bad that I missed this event. Sigh.
I've been to the annual Scottish Games at Boone Hall several times.
Reminds me of trips years ago to Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Jack said...

You should have called me! I love bagpipe music. Yes, that makes me weird, but I can handle it.