20 December 2014

There's No Place Like Charleston

There Is No Place Like Charleston, Charleston, S.C.
This is cool! Fess up artists, who did this? I did a looooong walk (10,291 steps - thank you smart phone step counter) about town in the drizzle this afternoon. I  took a detour on George St. to pick up my favorite "naked kale" salad at Caviar & Bananas and spotted this poster in the now closed Jack's Restaurant. I'm not the only one who stopped in my tracks.

It was a baking and cooking day. I made a pear almond tart and the stew for wee pot pies. My house warmed up with delicious smells. I even made more pralines - for gifts, I promise!

Edit: I tracked down the artist. The internet is a wonderful thing. The artist Jeff Fitzharris who already had a fundraiser for the Charleston Autism Academy.  Jeff will be selling shirts with the image as well as framed prints for $100. He is on Facebook and setting up his Facebook store this week so stay posted. I suspect the poster will be a big hit for a good cause! Good luck Jeff.