30 August 2014

Seashell decorations

Seashell decorations at Botany Beach, Edisto, S.C.
Since you are asked not to take seashells from Botany Bay beach, people have been decorating with them for years. They are laid in designs in the sand, hanging from palmetto tree bark and hanging from the tips of smooth driftwood like holiday ornaments. Between the dangling shells, swooping flocks of pelicans and driftwood branches, there is something about it that delights me so much I don't know why I leave it so long between visits.

There are no t-shirt or ice cream vendors, no restaurants or bathroom facilities so this incredible beach is usually a peaceful treat. We took a snack and sat on giant driftwood logs for our picnic, counted off the loggerhead turtle nests and had a wonderful time before heading on to Edisto Beach for lunch. Day one of my three day weekend was a grand success. I hope yours was as well!