22 August 2014

On the road - Washington, D.C.

Washington, D. C.
It has been difficult posting a Charleston Daily Photo when I have been away from the Holy City. This week I have been in Washington, D.C. at the national conference for Administrators of Healthcare Volunteer Resources Professionals. How is that for a mouthful? This is a very large group of people who coordinate volunteers in healthcare facilities all over the country. I have tried to steal every good idea that I heard.

I get frustrated being cooped up in a hotel in a new and exciting city. It has been many years since I took my kids up on the train to explore Washington. As soon as I could escape from meetings I got into town. Sadly my timing coincided with a rain shower and the closing time for all the Smithsonian galleries. The only gallery I actually got to explore was the National Portrait Gallery which was incredible.

I wandered around trying to see what I could with a folded rain soaked map on my head. Last next night I joined an evening trolley ride around the monuments to at least get to see some of the sights. That turned out to be wonderful. Seeing these incredible memorials at dusk was amazing. I was stung by a wasp at the Lincoln Memorial and saw a fox at the MLK memorial. I didn't get enough time. Must go back, must go back!