11 August 2014

On the road - Orcas Island Kayak Trip

Rare sighting of a kayak family in the wild, Orcas Island
I've been away, yay! I left a few posts to show up during my absence but I've been across the country on vacation. I met my daughter in Seattle and we took the ferry over to the San Juan Islands and spent a week island hopping. Forgive me if I haven't responded to messages and comments. I travel lightly and as much as I love y'all, I don't worry too much about my online life when I am on the road. I got back last night to learn that Charleston has been pounded with rain storms and daily flooding. I have tree limbs in my yard to drag to the curb and my birds are complaining about soggy seeds for their dinner.

I have lots of pictures to upload. This first batch is from a kayak trip on Sucia Island. We stayed at the Kangaroo Bed & Breakfast, named after a former owner Sea Captain who kept a Kangaroo as a pet. My bed was an alcove bed in the wall with red velvet curtains and a nightlight chandelier. Ha! My daughter is a detail planner and had everything mapped out to keep us moving from one adventure to another.We picked up lunch at the co-op grocery and headed out for five hours of paddling around the islands. The scenery was so different from our lowcountry marsh views it was a real treat for me. I may or may not have an impressive sunburn on my arms. My own budget kayaks don't have rudders and these were sweet kayaks to paddle.

Sucia Island Kayak Trip: Outer Island will shuttle kayakers to Sucia Island via power boat. On the trip over we will stop by prime wildlife viewing locations and explore some of Sucia's natural history. You and your kayak guide will be dropped off at Sucia Island, a small pristine island located 3 miles off the North shore of Orcas. After a brief kayaking lesson you will hop in your kayak for a 2 to 3 hour paddle which includes a lunch stop at a remote beach. You will then be shuttled back to Orcas by power boat.

Sucia is only accessible by private boat. Its remote and undeveloped character make it a haven for wildlife and its large protected bays, make it a wonderful setting for any kayaker, novice or advanced. Sucia has caves, fossil beds, spectacular sand stone formations and a wide variety of wildlife. One can encounter bald eagles, osprey, river otters, harbor seals, sea lions, porpoise and the occasional transient orca whale.

Kangaroo Bed & Breakfast, Orcas Island
My bed with the red velvet drapes ;)