30 July 2014

STOP! God Bless Y'all

Charleston, S.C.
I'm putting in time until it is cool enough to walk outside.

What the Sheet? Charleston's Homeless Shelter, Crisis Ministries is almost ready to move into their new facility and they need twin bed sheets and towels. They said white was best so they can bleach them. I bet I have 110 friends who might chip in on a twin sheet set or two or more. I shared this on Facebook and helpful contacts tracked down good deals at Walmart, KMart and Anna's Linens (if they have white in stock) and many people have already donated. Spread the word! Here are the details:  

Are you looking for a quick and meaningful service opportunity? We need your help! As we prepare to move into our new homeless services center with beds for 110 men (including 40 beds designated for male Veterans), we need new linens.
Because we are still finishing construction and access to the shelter is limited, we will have an easy donation drop-off at 212 Huger Street (our Veteran Services Center across from Taco Boy) on Friday, Aug. 1 from 7:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.
We need:
- New, white twin sheet sets (fitted, flat and pillowcase)
- New, white towels and washcloths
- New, standard pillows
Help us make this drive a success so every guest who comes through our door has fresh, clean linens! You can also donate financial gifts online at One80Place.org/donate.

Questions? Contact Brad Cashman at 737-8369 or bcashman@one80place.org
I do know good people and I love this message I just got from Brad at Crisis Ministries: We just received a delivery from Walmart with a set of 4 sheets. Perfect timing since we have 4 men going through orientation today who will receive these sheets.