01 June 2014

Secret Gardens of Charleston

Montagu St., Charleston, S.C.
I walk the same streets over and over accustomed to peeking over fences and between gates and then once and awhile the gates are flung open like an invitation. How sweet is this?  It would be funny to live in that tiny Gothic outbuilding and have the grand entrance and garden.

My work days have been so busy lately a peaceful weekend has been welcome. I went to see the movie Chef yesterday and enjoyed it very much. Don't go on an empty stomach!

Check out writer and chef Holly Herrick's new blog at The Permanent Tourist. She will be featuring "Simply Saturday", a  weekly column featuring original recipes from her kitchen based upon produce and products from Charleston area farmers markets and produce stands.  You will find seasonal, simple recipes that use very few ingredients but are packed with fresh flavor – my favorite kind of cooking. This week's recipe is a Creamy White Turnip soup.

Enjoy your Sunday! I am heading out for my morning walk and I'll see what mischief I can get up to today.