01 April 2014

The Mushroom Growing Monks of Mepkin Abbey

Mepkin Abbey, Monks Corner, S.C.

I admit that when the Mepkin Abbey Monks got out of the egg business after being harassed by PETA I did hope they would become the Fudge Making Monks of Mepkin Abbey but I've been very happy that in their wisdom they became Mushroom Growing Monks.

I made chicken ginger mushroom soup with the mushrooms I bought in the gift shop. I gave my office mate a box and she turned around and made me soup. Now I've discovered there are mushroom recipes on the monk's web site and I may love mushrooms enough to try them all.
The Mepkin community has added Shiitake mushrooms to their Oyster mushroom production.   They look for the Shiitakes to become a valuable addition to their monastic industry due to the  market value for this delicacy in the Charleston area.