13 March 2014

Strolling through the garden

John C. Calhoun, Marion Square, Charleston, S.C.
I caught John C. Calhoun strolling through the garden at Marion Square. I like to pop up and surprise him and have a collection of photos to prove it. Boo!

Happy me! There is finally work being done on the building at Calhoun & King. It s one of the busiest corners in town and has been an empty eyesore for years. It is going to make so much difference when it is done and there is a hotel where the old library used to be. Progress is better than an abandoned shell.

Okay, kids. I just rowed across my living room for half an hour. Time to hit the recliner. I've been watching Top of the Lake. When you stream an entire season of a show on Netflix, it is like eating candy, you keep sneaking in just one more episode.