04 November 2013

Pretty in Pink

Charleston, S.C.
Here is another sweetie in pink with nice clean lines. This is probably the back view that you see from behind Gaillard Auditorium.

I liked having an extra hour yesterday! Can we do this every day? Imagine what I could do with an extra hour a day.

Read. Lately that is what I have been doing. I used to be a bookworm but after computers and laptops I fell out of the habit. Lately I've been downloading books and reading again and I have no control over myself. I charge through a book as if I am afraid someone is going to steal it from me if I stop. I read into the middle of the night and wake up early and read some more. Oddly, I am on a North Korea streak...The Orphan Master's Son, Escape from Camp 14. Lord have mercy. It is hard to believe such a awful place exists in this time. It is horrifyingly fascinating. How very fortunate we simply to be born where we are.

Here is another similar home one in pink.