29 October 2013


Reflections, Charles Towne Landing, S.C.
I juggled multiple balls in the air all day today, kids and then ended my day visiting one of my volunteers who is home bound. She made me laugh with little doggies snuggled up and peaking out from her skirts and shirts. I pretty much crashed with a good book after I got home and now have to wake up enough to get myself to bed. Yawn.

This evening's pictures are from a recent walk at Charles Towne Landing.
The park is close to my house and always a good walk. I wish they rented bikes like they used to. I reckon I need to get a bike rack for my car sooner or later. Riding in traffic holds no appeal for me but the park is a perfect spot for a ride.

Y'all don't stay up too late and turn the lights out. 

Charles Towne Landing, S.C.