20 October 2013

Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance - St. James Santee Episcopal

St. James Santee Episcopal, Chapel of Ease, McClellanville, S.C.
It's been awhile since I've added to the Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance series but I have a lovely one for you today. This is the St. James Santee Episcopal Chapel of Ease in McClellanville, S.C.  I asked about the chapel location at the museum and was told the door would be open for my visit.

St. James Santee Episcopal Church: The church framework of South Carolina longleaf pine and cypress was handcrafted the "old way," mortised and tenoned together, and the black cypress shingles, which cover the roof and exterior sidewalls, were shaped with handsaws. The designs of the interior furnishings were the creations of Lucas, who drew them on longleaf pine boards for rendering with keyhole saws. His final touch was the installation of the chan­deliers. He died in 1914.
I hope everyone has had a good weekend. As usual I am doing all my chores in the last few hours of the weekend. I can do it. I can.