13 April 2013

Honoring Volunteers

Peri-op Volunteers, Charleston, S.C.

I may be one of the most fortunate people in the world - getting to work with people who do a job because they want to make a difference. I spend my days recruiting, interviewing, processing, scheduling and training hospital volunteers and I have the best team anyone could every hope for. I love these folks. My health system has over 600 volunteers who serve during a year and in 2012 my team worked well over 82,000 hours. What an incredible group of people.

Volunteer Week is in April and we have a few recognition events the first of which was today. This is a very small part of the volunteer teamp. For this photo grouping we tried to gather volunteers who greet patients coming in for surgical procedures, staff the OR Waiting Room, pre-surgical area and recovery room. What a difference this team makes. Thanks folks! You are the VERY best.