07 March 2013

Food Photo Challenge - Happy Snapping!

I don't feel alone now that everyone is taking pictures of their meals. Holy City Sinner passed along this Food Phone Photo Show challenge. I usually carry a wee pocket camera now but this will be of interest to those of you who snap your dinner with your phone.

Jericho Advisors, a business management firm, is running a contest to find out who has the best food porn in the Holy City. Officially, it’s called the Food Phone Photo Show Challenge, but Food Porn Contest is much more fun to say.  The business is asking for you to take pictures of your food and send it to them for chance at a cash price. A team of three judges – including Chef Craig Deihl from Cypress, Holly Herrick and Erin Perkins – will pick the best photos. Winners can earn up to $100.

Click the image to enlarge for more information how to participate. The contest runs through March 24th.