25 February 2013

Sunny pictures for a rainy day

Smith St., Charleston, S.C.
We had one bright and sunny day on Sunday to give us a break and rain again today. If am so used to walking every day that my legs start to get itchy and twitchy if I don't go out marching. I took advantage on Sunday, parked on Smith St. and headed down the peninsula.

I couldn't take too long since my friend Andre' had picked up tickets to the matinee showing of Les Miserables at the Performing Arts Center. What a treat that was. The music was simply grand.  I still catch myself humming the tunes.

Both of today's pictures are from Smith St. I spotted the two orchids perched on top of a car. The ladies who had been carrying things turned to see me with my camera, assumed I was taking a picture of their house and gave me a bit of history. Truth is the house just made a happy backdrop for the orchids.