06 February 2013

Canadian Visitors

Donald & Dianne Perry, Charleston, S.C.

When we had the cold snap last week I carried out my towels and tablecloths to protect my early blooming azaleas because I was expecting visitors from Canada today and I wanted to impress them with blossoms. Heheh. I made it! When I picked up my father and Dianne it was sunny and almost 70 degrees. What a glorious warm welcome to the lowcountry.

My father always built impressive swings for us when we were kids so I was proud to show him that I had carried on the family tradition of having a swing in my yard. 

I have taken as much time off as possible for next week to spend time with them. It is hard to take time off and still be in town. I've already been tracked down to deal with work issues and so far all I've been away for was a few hours to do the airport run. I may need to lose my phone :).