01 February 2013

Beach Walking

Starfish, Pawley's Island, S.C.

I took a brisk morning walk on Pawley's Island beach this morning. I went up yesterday for the annual gathering of the clans of volunteer program managers from around the state. From parks, aquariums, hospices, libraries etc. any agency that uses volunteers needs someone to manage them. Our professional association is SCAVA and this was our annual winter workshop.

My normal place is behind the scenes, behind the camera but this time I was lined up as a presenter. Not my usual role and they had me down to talk for an hour and forty five minutes. Yikes. Luckily my topic was right up my alley, "Take Your Best Shot - Promoting Your Volunteer Program With Photography". I can do that. I may not be the best photographer or the best speaker but I can promote the people doing good work. I think I pulled it off!

It is almost 11:30 pm. If anyone else is flicking around on their tv, I might suggest you turn to PBS. They are doing an interview with the gentleman who did the documentary on Rodriguez, the mystery singer who was a phenomena in South Africa but entirely unknown in this country although he lived in Detroit. If you miss the show playing right now, check out the documentary "Searching for Sugarman". I love this story.