23 January 2013

Cattle Creek Campground

Cattle Creek Campground, S.C,
I've featured a couple of these church based campgrounds and this evening I am presenting Cattle Creek. Wooden tent cabins are built in a circle and used once a year for revival style camps. There were a few differences at this camp. Piles of hay appear to be delivered to each unit to cover the dirt floors. Cattle Creek has a proper white church and a cemetery on the property so the cabins didn't form a complete circle. The meeting house was still in the middle.

There wasn't much evidence of outhouses and I read that some of the campgrounds now have porta-lets delivered. The campgrounds are usually used once a year but this one had a bonus July agenda posted on the door. It recommended that children were bathing suits to Children's Services.

Edit: Sorry for the typos, kids. I discover some of them in the morning and patch the entry up.

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