23 December 2012

'Twas a couple of nights before Christmas

Festive Carriage Ride, Charleston, S.C.
I'd better use up the rest of my Christmas photos before the day has come and gone!

My house smells like gingerbread cake. Yum. I made the Smitten Kitchen recipe and it turned out great. I didn't have the bottle of stout that it called for along with the molasses so I tossed in a cup of spicy hot Blenheim Ginger-ale. I'm going to have to fatten up my son because I can't keep the whole cake around here for me to eat.

One of the best things about holidays in my opinion is sharing in everyone's family fun as Facebook pictures are posted. It's been a treat watching kids celebrate, bake cookies and sit on Santa's lap. Enjoy every minutes folks and keep the pictures coming, they grow up too fast!

I went to a brunch on the Isle of Palms and half way through I figured out I was seated next to the former Mayor and current House Representative Mike Sottile. Then I got to explore artist Carol McGill's studio and see her work. It was a good morning.

I hope everyone get's what they want for Christmas, because you know what? People are trying to make you happy. I walked through Citadel Mall on Friday night (big, big mistake) and was struck by all the shoppers intent on finding things to please their loved ones. They were holding things up, consulting friends, scratching their heads and digging deep in their pockets. They tried!