08 October 2012

Veggie Treats

Tomato Pie, Oh me, Oh my.

Waaaa....what will we do when we get the last decent tomato of the season? Sniff. This may be my last tomato pie of the summer.

I had a couple of friends over for a bite to eat...roasted butternut squash soup, beet and goat cheese salad and tomato pie. It didn't dawn on me until I served that I'd made a vegetarian dinner.

Someone always asks for a recipe and I've become pretty useless for that. I google all recipes and mix and match the ingredients and instructions. I'd say mine is based closely on this one with much less mayo and cheese.  You can't really hurt fresh tomatoes and cheese can you? Yum.

Goodness, I am watching the new show "Call the Midwife" on PBS and felt another hair go gray watching a breech birth. I've always said I had a story for every gray hair and many of them were from those few moments waiting for a head to be born after the body in a breech delivery and from the minutes between twins.