26 September 2012

Walk west young woman, walk west

Avondale, Charleston, S.C.
This is my walking neighborhood now. I can't tell you how many people have seen me walking, assumed my car had broken down and stopped to offer me a ride. Heheh. Folks at work stop me bewildered saying, "Was that you I saw walking on Highway 17?" Yep!

I do my best to wind my way between neighborhoods but sooner or later I have to dash across a highway even to get over to the greenway. I can walk to South Windermere shops if I have time and I can hike to a good number of grocery stores and restaurants. It ain't the peninsula but I do pretty good.

Burrell & Flynn is the new little coffee shop that tempts me with ice coffee after a long hot walk. I have avoided their pastry so far but they do make yummy pimento cheese. 

Burrell & Flynn, Charleston, S.C.
The Glass Onion at the far  end of this last shot is delicious of course but there is also some action at the old #1 Car Wash. It was suggested that it might be renovated for a restaurant as well. If I just stay here long enough perhaps all the good stuff will come to me.