20 September 2012

Museum Mile Weekend - Missing Links

Museum of Dental History, Charleston, S.C.
Museum Mile Weekend in Charleston is one of the best deals in town this weekend.  You buy a Museum Mile weekend pass ($25 for adults, $10 for kids). The pass allows you to visit 13 sites in the Meeting Street area in historic downtown Charleston during this special weekend. When you walk the one-mile section of Meeting Street, you will find six museums, five nationally important historic houses, four scenic parks and a Revolutionary War powder magazine, as well as numerous historic houses of worship and public buildings including the Market and City Hall.

All very cool, right? You should do it. However I notice a couple of glaring omissions. The Museum of Dental History? Not listed. Who doesn't want to tour the Dental Museum on vacation? Detour to Ashley Avenue.  How about the Baha'i Museum on Desportes Ct. tucked away off Duncan St.? Nope. Not included. We need another week highlighting the Quirky and Offbeat Museums.